Xamarin - Hybrid App

With the Smartphone's revolutionary conception to access on the go applications, the apps are expected to be casual and less complex, so that it gets along with other platforms. Xamarin, uses C# platform which offers all-encompassing development to cross-platform and native apps that are independent and offer seamless UI on different devices.

Xamarin is a popular cross platform framework suitable for mobile development using write-once-run-everywhere coding. The advantage is that this coding suits all the leading mobile platforms. It optimizes the development, spends and minimizes the project's time frame for applications. Deploy your app now on a single code base and reach billions of smart devices, regardless of the platform, with Xamarin.

Save development cost by hiring developers from PC Rounders to create mobile apps that are compatible on various platforms. Xamarin is developed using .Net framework as a promising technology, so that developers can quickly build apps with ease and cut production cost for company.

Why Us?

PC Rounders is a team of professionals who continuously work on Xamarin app development and assisting organizations to be on the competition edge with scalable and fascinating mobile apps for their businesses. Xamarin C# allows us to develop robust mobile applications across the platforms, such as, Windows, iOS, and Android. We use Xamarin Forms Designer, Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio to develop mobile applications, regardless of the size or type, we are the best choice for your solutions.

PC Rounders offer services for Xamarin mobile application development that enables cross-platform native app development. We target new start-ups and other developed organizations to help businesses save on the development effort, time, and cost. Meanwhile, they can keep seamless integration of databases, web forms interactions up-to-date, and more during the development of the app.

Our Xamarin developers are specialists in technology offering high performance for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Xamarin apps are created using standard native UI controls in C# and they provide access to all underlying native functionalities platforms

We consistently hear from clients transitioning to us from other agencies that the way PC Rounders drives business by adding value and being engaged as a strategic partner is unlike anything they previously experienced. We strive to be seen as a partner who not only executes against our clients' strategies, but also provides the insights and thought leadership that fuel them. This type of proactive thinking and ownership over delivering profitable growth happens every day throughout our organization business managers scouring the landscape for tech opportunities, tweaking routing patterns, and the Client Team delivering the best technology solutions to actively engage in your business.

The Benefits

 Xamarin apps are tested to understand the log jams, to assess UI, and to test the performance of the app. Our technical experts and software engineers debug all native apps and ensure that all coding is accurate and fully functional.

 OurXamarin development team has expertise in reviewing client app codes, find finding and fixing bugs, and streamlining the entire development processes and procedures. We strive to offer the best solutions and we ensure that your true design is attractive and efficient for your customer.

 Code re-usability is at 90% and offers the facility of launching your mobile app on any mobile platform.

 Get native UI App with Xamarin Forms.

 Enjoy enhanced security to store enterprise data.

 Faster app development using portable class libraries

 Go-to-market faster using Xamarin App analytics & Test cloud.

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