Backbone JS

Looking for an appropriate framework to suit a single page desired web application? Consider Backbone.js. It is a powerful and lightweight framework creating web based single page applications. The web applications demand is highly increasing with the emergence of new frameworks in the modern era and there are unique innovations to reduce the development complications.

Backbone operates as its name suggests - as it operates as the applications backbone. Thus, it allows developers to create structured and sophisticated web apps. Backbone.js it is written in JavaScript and depends on _.js on the JavaScript library. Pinterest is an example of a site that utilizes Backbone.js. It is a JavaScript lightweight framework used in developing interactive applications that are rich and simplify the process of development by dividing into modules the tasks. This framework helps in reorganizing the coding of JavaScript by offering reliable solutions into models and views that shortens the developing applications tasks.

Backbone.js is successful because it is universal JavaScript that allows more flexibility than any other client-side framework. The code is organized and broken down into semantically meaningful .js files which are later combined using JAMMIT. Also, there is no need to store data in DOM, which is key for Backbone.js users. There are numerous useful features that attract users to this JavaScript.

Features of Backbone.JS Frame work

   Restful services

   Event binding

   Manages the structure application


   Bound with utility library

   Avoids data storing in DOM

   Easy customization

   Easy API integration

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