Android App Devlopment

Our aim is to transform your dream business into a reality. You can leverage your android application to meet enterprise mobility solutions

Creating static or dynamic android application our experienced developers PC Rounders have for Android app with expertise and skill to make an app working across all Android devices, despite the OS version, screen size and processors.

Features on Android App

The features of mobile apps make things smooth. We can virtually use even by tapping Smartphones, whether it is booking tickets for trains, movies, flights, buses to bills paying. There are numerous mobile app features performing several tasks featuring convenience and comfort. The usability features include:

   Feedback system in Android mobile app that it offers the feedback option as a win-win strategy. The users acknowledge this reality open to receive user comebacks and it is acceptable to improve mobile solution.

   Usability apps are developed to make things easy for users that it comes as aesthetic jaw-dropping masterpiece making you lose plenty of users. This usability feature of mobile app makes it accessible, intuitive and draws a brand image.

   It is fascinating to develop a mobile app that is feature rich and the attributes are simple to be used in mobile app fulfilling the same focus.

   The offline capabilities include majority of apps and your mobile receives excellent response. The app features offline capabilities with interactive elements featuring internet connectivity.

   The aim of Android app is in producing accessibility as sign-in. It offers the registered users to implement features that are easily manageable with user ID names and passwords.

Advantages of Android Development

   User Base – Android is now ruling the mobile device market and has over 75% of market share

   Android in regular work -It is enterprise ready

   Open Source – Save app &licensing development costs

   Easy Access to App Market – Apps developed gets faster listed in comparison to iOS App Market

Why use our Android App development services?

Being an experienced Android application development company, PC Rounders, we have a team for Android development offering an excellent development service of Android apps maximizing the business efficiency. We are employing modern technologies to create a business brand competing with the technology obsesses world.

Our android engineers have command of Java, Kotlin, HTML, C, C++, CSS helping in coding top Android apps for the platform. The Android mobile app team develops app for Google plays major categories including Travel, entertainment, social networking, utility, education, e-commerce, and so on.

Our Android Development Services

   Custom Android Apps Development – Get native apps created for small and large enterprises besides the startups.

   Android UX & Design – To increase user engagement

   Mobile Enablement – To leverage Android and enjoy accesses in the mainframe systems

   Android Widget Development- Deliver innate push notifications, user information and increase engagement.

   Android Apps Testing / Portability – Dedicated mobile testers team to deliver perfect Android app.

   Android Support & Maintenance – Dedicated team to support your Android apps.

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