Angular JS

AngularJS is based on JavaScript front-end web application as open-source framework maintained by Google to address the challenges encountered in single-page applications development.It is one of the most popular and notorious web applications today. It has become a favorite for developers.

What is AngularJS?

While HTML is great for revealing static documents, it falters when trying to use it for declaring dynamic views in web applications. AngularJS is an enhancement to this feature. It allows you to extend HTML vocabulary for the purposes of application development. The results are truly extraordinary, extremely impressive, and readable.

Angular is referred to as the Super heroic framework of JavaScript. It is the latest application development that helps developers in creating web designs that are scalable, better and attractive.Angular JS offers the flexibility of changing and adding properties directly and the data models are plain JavaScript that makes your code natural and cleaner.

Features of AngularJS

  JavaScript provides a reusable, hassle free, easy to maintain and test code

 Angular 5.0 caters mobile platform applications development. It is rewritten completely to ensure smooth and structured application development that is mobile centric.

 It averts boiler plates by simplifying the practices of coding and omitting the redundancy.

 The DOM manipulation binds data between model and view, providing a sophisticated controller.

 The DOM manipulation binds data between model and view, providing a sophisticated controller.

 Trouble-free implementation of MVC- Angular allows trouble-free MVC self implementation. With Angular MVC implements you can split your app into MVC components and the rest will be done by Angular.

 Apt for Single-Page Applications- The framework of AngularJS is apt option now for Single Page Applications. It helps you make applications of single page such as Gmail that has no page reload waiting period. In short this is a sleek and fast application for your service or product.

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Flexibility is one word that Angular JS provides allowing you to create applications on a single page and allows the creation of an interactive application.The extensibility offered by AngularJS allows the workflow to be customized better. With the perfect integration of HTML existing platform, it is easy to maintain this technology Angular JS. Our team of experts in the management of this platform and our services provided will allow your business to run smoothly and more efficiently.

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