Wordpress Development

Today, WordPress powers over 23.4% of websites, which makes it a very popular program to use. PC Rounders is a leading pioneer in the world of WordPress development. We work within your required timeline and can manage any project of any size. Nowadays,many use WordPress for blogging, website development, and much more. WordPress has transformed the website business and the way that businesses communicate with customers. It has emerged as the most popular web content platform allowing businesses to create picture perfect sites and innovative ways to keep their customers informed.

We use WordPress as an all-inclusive set of solutions providing web design, data management and web development for corporations, organizations, and institutions.

Why WordPress?

WordPress has emerged as a content management system that it is useful to create simple blogs. Likewise, now it can be used to create mobile applications and websites.

Here you can find few reasons for it being the client's top choice:

WordPress is cost-free to install, upgrade and deploy. WordPress has thousands of templates and plugins that power a simple and flexible interface, reducing deployment time and development costs.

Users are familiar with WordPress CMS, taking less training of staff. It is also very easy to manage.

WordPress allows self-hosting, so that it includes no costs associated with installing, downloading, and upgrading content. There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins that are cost-free, such as: contact forms, slide shows, SEO optimization, etc.

It allows developers and designers to modify or create applications and layouts. It is coupled with extensions that are user-generated. The websites need no extensions and incorporating plugins which makes it perfect to meet unique demands.

It has easy to use user-interface components. There are manuals available to use WordPress functions and to handle complexities.It is designed so that anyone can customize and edit anytime or any place.

WordPress requires minimal setup, maintenance, and customizations costs in comparison to Joomla and Drupal. It is easier to find designers and developers that are fluent in WordPress. It is a quick win to perk up your customer�s experience.

Why PC Rounders LLC?

As a company, we provide the best services and you will be satisfied with our technicians and associates. Our goal is to ensure that your dream is delivered and that with the use of WordPress we create an optimal solution for your business needs.

Easy Migration

We can help you in migrating from any existing system to WordPress and also ensure hassle-free and smooth in-class services.

Customized Plug-In Development

We provide customized plugins to optimize user experience. Your website with custom plug-in developments is done as expected.

Finest CMS developers

WordPress development team is dedicated and has a proven track record of providing the best service. Sites are mobile-friendly and we can customize to your liking.

PC Rounders can provide wrap around services for your technology needs. If you are looking to be on the cutting edge of technology with some of the most enhanced features on your website, then we are the best choice.

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