Node JS

JavaScript was well-known to be the right choice of platform for front-end development, and PHP, Python, Java, or Ruby was considered for back-end development. However, with the emergence of Node.js programming, there are lots of changes. Now, JavaScript is emerged as the preferred web language for front and backend development. Thus, Node.js JavaScript may be utilized to create a backend that is feature-packed with the same speed and performance delivered by other tools.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is built on Chrome’s JavaScript platform to enjoy fast builds and scalable network applications. This platform in the server-side is an open-source development platform. Thus, JavaScript creates networking applications and Node.js server-side. Node.js offers a library of JavaScript modules enabling to simplify the process of web application development of Node.js.

Why Node.js?

Node.js is a multi-purpose platform with users all over the globe. It has already marked as the exemplar in IOT, connected devices, cloud stacks and web applications real time. The companies with sensitive data solutions and applications use Node.js as it plays a key role in securing information and protecting confidentiality.

Node.js delivers the robust solutions with React and Angular JS and offers versatility to organize web apps. In fact, APIs can be employed with micro-controllers and robots. Basically, Node.js is an open source, non-blocking I/O event driven model providing a strong hand in building web applications in the server-side network. Node.js is a well-known platform to create cross platform for next gen mobile applications and websites. As the back-end program, it is faster and on the front-end is user friendly.

Node.js helps in creating efficient servers and web processes to use JavaScript and it is compatible with Windows NonStop, OS X and UNIX servers. They create scalable data exchanges enabling it to handle the big data latest influxes. With data becoming faster, the new solutions are required to ensure there are no bottlenecks and they link data storage and retrieval as a fast one. We, PC Rounders, development services are at the continuing frontend with the goal to offer a more efficient backend.

PHP begins to break down while dealing with thousands of requests, while at the same time Node.js effortlessly scales to the module-based system. Thus, it means low costs and no adding of servers, thereby it ensures better efficiency in dealing with data requests even with large spikes.

Why PC Rounders?

We offer Node.js services of web development to help in leveraging a powerful platform that is useful to create a backend that is secure and is equally appealing with rich functionalities. Our developers build heavy websites and apps for data collection and if you wish to create chat apps, Node.js is the best for such applications. Our developers also ensure to create APIs that are perfect to handle requests that are driven on scalability and the databases. We can also help you in building streaming applications that will help monitor and resolve web traffic issues.

Our goal of 100% customer satisfaction keeps us at the top of our game. Our developers are life-long learners of programming, developing, and modern technology. PC Rounders stays abreast of the cutting -edge technologies and new wave ideas that are become viral practices within the virtual setting. As we continue to develop our skills and perfect our craft, we also provide specific services for each product or platform that we manage.

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