Ruby on Rails Technology

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework on the server-side written under the MIT License for building web applications. Ruby on Rails is a MVC framework, providing structures in default for a database, web pages and a web service. We, PC Rounders, are specialized in the development of Ruby on Rails, also referred to as RoR. Rails provides prewritten software by creating common tools for authentication, which are normally very complicated. We offer the best industry practices and development services based on business needs. The mechanisms are better and the features enhance the website.

Why Ruby on Rails?

Using Ruby on Rails is an appropriate choice as it features built-in-test automation, compactness, rich framework in an integrated way making it a remarkable environment for web-based and SaaS applications. This is the best way to develop a web application and it increases business capacity.

Ruby on Rails is one of the top programming languages used in the technology world. Building applications have never been easier because the framework is set up for web developers. It is a great coding application that will allow businesses to be creative and at the forefront of technology.

It is important to note that the RoR features make it the first web development choice, due to the following:

  Minimizes the amount of code

  Defaults to follow all best practices for web development

  Open-source technology on the RoR community with code availability

  REST and AJAX designs featuring web 2.0 quality rich applications

  Robust solutions for practicalities

  Affordable inner pilot apps and prototypes

  API based transactional system

  Web applications at different levels

   Built around the MVC pattern

   URLs search engine friendly for custom development

   reliable frameworks for testing including no additional license charges

Benefits of hiring us

At PC Rounders, we provide custom web applications and RoR solutions for your business to create meaningful customer experiences. We use the Rails framework to help a diverse range of businesses from startups to large global enterprises to unlock new opportunities and build upon RoR secure applications to offer higher and more efficient performance.

Our clients rely on our technical expertise and we leverage the Rails framework to develop and design high performance, feature-rich secure web applications that are appropriate for e-commerce, networking, finance, online education, and banking.

PC Rounders professionals understand your business concepts and leverage it by taking it to a new level by adopting innovative best practices of development within the web application framework. We strive to offer a rewarding experience by offering compelling content delivery, user experience, and enabling the opportunity to share your products, ideas, and services with the world.

We offer a range of graphic design services. PC Rounders, is your one-stop shop to cover branding needs, creating an appealing look and feel to your business programs, and to turn every challenge into an opportunity.

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