Raspberry PI Development

The Raspberry Pi presents a combination of hardware and software. It allows implementing the physical computing at low cost. The open source hardware offers an ideal solution for all special projects, but there is a need for some software drivers and bespoke electronics level to add for specific tasks. The Raspberry is a small operating system that can be plugged into display units such as the television, computer monitor, touch displays, the mouse and standard keyboard

PC Rounders can design Raspberry Pi, the open source hardware platform, to ensure that our clients stay updated with new versions of software tools, releases, and development kits. This basic computer can be used to develop gaming software and Alexa functionality within any program. It is simple and cost effective. While Pi can be frustrating for new users, PC Rounders are the experts and we have knowledge of all the ins and outs of the programs.

However, the Raspberry Pi capabilities has reached various fields and others are realizing that it is the best hardware to utilize when creating a personalized, customized solution.

What does Raspberry Pi do?

   It serves the general purpose of a computer.

   It is a media center and fun way to learn new skills

   Teach children to code

  Robotics and takes photos

   Network storage and console for retro games

PC Rounders, LLC promote Raspberry pi application development services. We have an efficient team of developers working on Raspberry Pi development. Our professional developers understand the raspberry pi application development intricacies and have ability to create cutting edge applications that run efficiently on any device.

Simplicity of Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi solution involves a simple button for everything. In fact, even workers can press a button to start making a product and stop it upon completion.

There are electronic records for each batch and so the workers do not need to keep track or tally the data manually. Using a Raspberry Pi, there is no need for the operator to worry about the decrease in productivity because there are efficient processes and procedures in place to capture any errors. In fact, the data is available immediately for analytics.

Why PC Rounders?

We provide complete package design for your overall product development. Our in-house capabilities cover an array of technologies and we can find an enclosure design suitable to meet your requirements. We are happy to work on the designs that havebeen selected and our goal is to create the intended outcome with utmost customer satisfaction.

We are happy to meet with you face to face or virtually to discuss your projects. We have the tools that allow us access to your computer while at home to resolve issues You do not have to be present for upgrades or enhancements. Our goal is to ensure that we understand all the details of the project and that we work closely together to get the best product feasible. We also offer Skype video calls and many other communication avenues to make sure that we maximize our time together and guarantee that we are able to build the project to your liking.

Over these years, we have designed different types of equipment keeping up with the changing technology demands of the world. The demands are extremely diverse for our clients and we pride ourselves on being able to provide innovative solutions for any project. Raspberry Pi opens many doors. It also opens a teaching canvas to ensure that others on the team are learning as we are building.

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