Magento Development

The platform of Magneto is amazing for eCommerce and is the most favored for modern entrepreneurs. PC Rounders, LLC, provides Magento development high quality services taking your business of eCommerce to new height of success. The features of Magento make it extraordinary as it enhances and revitalizes the eCommerce store to become a favorite of many. We, PC Rounders, are experts in creating eCommerce websites that are fully functional on the Magento Platform.

Magento’s eCommerce provides a robust system to the retailers helping them in scaling& growing their online business. It is done by integrating multiple solutions and extensions such as Retail Order Management, Retail Associate Platforms, and Store Fulfillment. It offers flexibility meeting the unique needs of business’s through customization that is an open source. Through its native development, SDKs and compatible mobile features, retailers are able to offer excellent omnichannel user experience to their customers. This is the reason that the online stores prefer Magento.

Why opt for Magento for an eCommerce Store?

   Opting for Magento for eCommerce store is because of its SEO powerful friendly features, multi-store integration choice, multi-language compatibility and multiple payment gateways.

   It allows streamlining of product category that provides browsing as well as the management tools to promote the up-sells and cross-sells.

   Magento suits brand based theme development and also integration of mobile store for iOS and Android flexibility to customize or develop extensions to ensure added functionality. Thus personalize shoppers experience through promotions, customized marketing and conversion tools.

WhyPC Rounders, LLC?

Hiring PC Rounders, LLC is critical for your company because we offer services that help in driving business growth, as we leverage the eCommerce platform. Our services also include Magento theme design, store development to mobile app development, extension development, design and integration to custom module development, support and maintenance, migration of development site and support.

Our Magento team developers specialize in offering Magento web development services, as they have good experience across various industries in developing Magento eCommerce custom solutions. These solutions are integrated easily with many extensions in the marketplace.

We, PC Rounders, LLC also develop Magento third party extensions and customized solutions providing scalability and flexibility to attract more prospects for your business. Thus, we sell more products and also grow your reach. We provide flexible models of engagement as our services of Magento eCommerce development and deliver solutions adhering to the terms of performance and quality meeting highest international standards.

Benefit to Clients

Magento is a web ecommerce platform and we strive to offer advanced performance and security features. This ecommerce platform Magento allows the business to have the ease of control and also the ability to control the look and feel of the online store. We customize the Magento platform functionality to save you time and effort. With Magento, your business will benefit from the following:

   Flexibility of rapidly and easily creating custom landing pages.

   Customized offers to select customers

   Handling volumes of traffic as proven scalability

   Integration ease with CRM and ERP as back end systems

   Fast go-to-market as the extensions is readily available

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