HTML5 Technology

HTML5 refers to the Hypertext Markup Language revision version. HTML is used for detailing the web pages substance and feel. HTML5 provides latestand greatest features, browser flexibility and faster development cycle that saves both time and money. HTML5 now offers a common interface so it’s easy to load elements. In fact, it is designed to support working on the mobile devices, the multimedia and new syntactic features are introducedsupporting the canvas tags, audio and video.

PC Rounders has experts to provide solutions and development of complex web applications. Develop dynamic web pages using the latest technology. We incorporate latest tools and maximum features to meet customer’s satisfaction. We undertake tasks such as:

   Developing loaded websites with stunning feature and web applications with HTML5.

  Understanding and integrating in web designing and development the latest trend.

  Object oriented approach to designing.

  Addressing customers requirement and combining it suitably in the required platform.

  Complex business directories

Benefits of HTML5 and why should you use it?

  HTML5 allows implementing features to the applications that was impossible with earlier versions of HTML.

  Smarter storage and cleaner code

   Allows better interactions between content and users in dynamic websites.

   Tremendous user navigation.

   Safer web apps and better security.

Why hire PC Rounders for HTML5 Development Services?

PC Rounders offers HTML5 development services to support clients and help them expand their business and brand their products. We offer perfect solutions by combining expert skills and latest technologies – building web application using JavaScript and HTML5 technologies to ensure the user experience possible. Our goal of 100% customer satisfaction keeps us at the top of our game. Our developers are life long learners of programming, developing, and modern technology. PC Rounders stays abreast of the cutting -edge technologies and new wave ideas that are become viral practices within the virtual setting.As we continue to develop our skills and perfect our craft, we also provide specific services for each product or platform that we manage.

HTML5 Development Services includes

  Major devices and platforms compatibility.

   Single development reducing time and money,so it is suitable for all platforms and allows repeat production.

   he HTML5 standards are followed stringently

   We offer rigorous, quality assurance at the various testing levels.

One of the goals of HTML5 is to support multimedia on mobile devices. In fact, the new syntactic features introduced are easy to support elements such as: audio, video, and canvas tags. New features are introduced by HTML5 and here at PC Rounders we can easily transform the way users relate to the program by providing…

   New attributes.

   New rules for parsing enhanced flexibility.

   Elimination of redundant or outmoded attributes.

   Offline editing

   Drag and drop abilities from one document of HTML5 to another.

   Messaging enhancements.

   Geolocation of your site’s visitor.

   A standard in SQL databases for storing data.

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